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Dec 15
Texas Daily Photo
Texas Daily Photo: El Agasajo Nightclub In Austin Destroyed By Fire

Devastating news out of East Austin yesterday morning. The forty year old Tejano nightclub, El Agasajo, “the warm welcome”, was destroyed by an early morning fire.

This was where I like to take my pre-prandials before supping at Justine’s Brasserie. The folks running the place could not be nicer.

If for some reason you weren’t full after a French feast at Justine’s you could always head back over to El Agasajo for a late night feast at Ly Ly’s taqueria, a tiny food truck in the parking lot. No plastic bag tortillas were served here.

I just returned from the scene of the fire. Ly Ly’s miraculously survived but is soon to be under new ownership.

The man and wife who just purchased the Austin Texas food trailer were trying to jumpstart the taco truck to move it to its new home a few blocks away. We’ll report back when the new owners get settled in.

East Austin’s once flourishing Mexican nightlife scene is fading fast. What used to be an exciting evening on the rough and tumble east side is quickly becoming just another night on the town.

Change has come.

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