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Feb 26

Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller Meat Co.

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I’ve made a few runs by John Mueller’s new barbecue joint in East Austin but have yet to find a line that I have the patience to wait out. Here’s a photo from opening day when the line stretched all the way down Pedernales, and almost to the point where you could turn left on 2nd street, throw a rock and hit Live Oak Barbecue.

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Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller Meat Co. Prepares To Open In East Austin Texas
3 responses - Posted 02.05.13
I shot out a roll of film this past Saturday at the John Mueller Meat Co. located behind Kellee's Place at the corner of e.6th and Pedernales in East Austin. Mueller was in a talkative mood so we repaired to the comforts of the old school bar and sat around ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Blue Ox Barbecue
no responses - Posted 01.21.13
Brand new food truck in southeast Austin: Blue Ox Barbecue is in the courtyard of Buzz Mill Coffee, a brand new coffee house that will also be more than happy to pour you a beer or mix you a cocktail. And they're running 24/7. Blue Ox purchased a giant iron smoker off ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: John Lewis Of LA Barbecue In Austin
1 response - Posted 11.17.12
Ran down to LA Barbecue this morning, well before they opened, to chat with John Lewis for a minute and see how things are going in his new post as pit boss at the joint where he was an apprentice just a few short weeks ago. Lewis was excited to be ...continue
Dust Up! Taylor Texas Louie Mueller Heirs In Epic Austin Barbecue Battle
no responses - Posted 11.05.12
The Taylor, Texas barbecue dynasty: the Muellers, are back on the front pages of barbecue journals and websites across the United States this week. John Mueller, the firebrand pit boss and son of Bobby Mueller {RIP} has been relieved of his command at his south Austin smokehouse. Here are some hot ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off In Brady Texas
no responses - Posted 09.26.12
Right as the most recent World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off In Brady Texas ends I start daydreaming about the one that will come 364 days later. I don't make it to as many smoked meat parties as I used to but this one is etched in stone on my calendar ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller And John Lewis
1 response - Posted 09.22.12
Utterly unbelievable. I've been covering the Texas barbecue scene since the early 90s and this is the biggest story to break out of the world of Texas smoked meat in eons. John Lewis, former pit boss at Franklin Barbecue has joined forces with John Mueller. Dangerous alliance. Can a humble food trailer ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Eddie’s BBQ In Lubbock,Texas
no responses - Posted 09.19.12
I always head for the warehouse district when I'm in a new town. With thousands of hard-working men in pants covered with spackle or diesel fuel nearby, there are generally a few meat n 3's, diners, burger joints or barbecue stands that have risen to feed the nearby blue collar ...continue
39th Annual World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off Saturday In Brady Texas
no responses - Posted 09.05.12
In an upset reminiscent of the great race horse Man O War losing to a 100-1 underdog, Waco Boys Cooking Team did not bring home the much coveted hospitality award at this years cabrito cook-off out in Brady, Texas. If you visited their campsite you'd never know it. The boys were ...continue
RL Reeves Jr Reports To The Main Stage: Issues Top Ten Barbecue List For Kevin’s BBQ Joints
no responses - Posted 08.27.12
Kevin Kelly is an authority on barbecue. He authors Kevin's BBQ Joints, a website and blog with hundreds if not thousands of barbecue restaurant reviews. To further establish his bona fides, he moved from his home on the West Coast to Central Texas where he served a stint as John ...continue
Scrumptious Chef Soul Food Pop Up Restaurant: Sun Aug 5th At 3 Little Pigs Food Truck
1 response - Posted 08.01.12
After Scrumptious Chef Pop Up #1, barbecue edition we took the lay of the land and decided to wade back into the fray with Pop Up #2. This time we're tackling soul food. Adrian Miller, the soul food scholar{whom you may be familiar with via Southern Foodways Alliance and/or CNN} was ...continue
Austin Texas Barbecue Pop Up Restaurant At Three Little Pigs Food Truck
no responses - Posted 07.13.12
Pop up restaurants are hugely popular in cities like New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago and Portland, but Austin's largely been left out in the cold of this new phenomena. Til now. This Sunday, July 15th, Chef Raymond Tatum is turning over his East Austin food trailer for the day to the folks ...continue
Daniel Delaney Of BrisketLab Sits Down With RL Reeves Jr
no responses - Posted 07.05.12
I just got off the phone with Daniel Delaney of BrisketLab, the New York City brisket subscription service that has taken the Northeastern part of the United States by storm. Mr. Delaney, the founder of Vendr.TV, was kind enough to spend a few minutes away from the giant, barbecue pit that ...continue
Food And Wine Compiles List Of America’s Best Barbecue Cities
1 response - Posted 06.30.12
Jamie Feldmar of Food and Wine magazine was tasked with creating a list of America’s best barbecue cities. As is the case in all of these lists compiled by people who aren’t lifers {barbecue addicts who’ve given their lives to smoked meat} there are some glaring deficiencies. A few of ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Davila’s Barbecue Of Seguin Texas Enters The Food Truck Business
2 responses - Posted 06.28.12
Adrian Davila, son of family patriarch Edward, is entering the food truck business. The Eagle Ford Shale oil boom in south Texas is going to be his focus...for now. From the Seguin Gazette “The oil field lent itself to opportunity and I had a spot in Kenedy at 181 and 72 ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller. Pit Boss. Texan
3 responses - Posted 06.25.12
It doesn't get any more Texas than this. Legendary pit boss John Mueller, framed by the flag of the great state. Mueller had just come off twelve hours of smoking an entire steer when I took this photo. The beast was descended upon by a crowd of a hundred fanatical ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: A Nice Pair Of Plump, Perfectly Smoked Pork Shoulders
no responses - Posted 05.26.12
Let's face it: In the great state of Texas, the common hog is never going to rival the majestic steer for supremacy when it comes time to build fires and smoke meats. Our abundance of cattle and vast ranges of open fields means that cows, bulls and steers will always be ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: The Yumm Factory In Lampasas
no responses - Posted 05.15.12
Gone but not forgotten. I always stopped in at the Yumm Factory on my way out to the big goat cook-off in Brady, Texas. While they served lots of barbecue, I always opted for one of the better, southern-style breakfasts in the great state. Outstanding biscuits, fried eggs and country ham ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Pork Steaks, Seasoned And Ready For The Smoker Of John Mueller Barbecue
1 response - Posted 05.14.12
When business carried me down to the Bouldin Creek neighborhood a while back I had to stop in at John Mueller Barbecue for a minute to grab some take away barbecue for the fridge at the house. The cantankerous pit boss Mueller was in the middle of a pork steak project; ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Barbacoa Edition. Mystery Barbacoa Trailer In East Austin
no responses - Posted 05.10.12
Any food sleuths out there? I've got a hot tip for you but you're going to have to work for it. Pictured, a roaring  fire upon which several animal heads were left over-night. This is a clear circumvention of the laws of Texas for commercial sale of barbacoa. It is also ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Davila’s Barbecue In Seguin, Texas
1 response - Posted 05.08.12
Flying under the radar since the 1950s in the world of Texas barbecue is tricky business. With the advent of the modern era of food bloggers, facebookers, myspacers and twitterers, it's difficult to keep your business reserved for the cognoscenti. But Davila's Barbecue, down in Guadalupe County, has managed to pretty ...continue
May Is National Barbecue Month: Texans Unite And Celebrate! Cooper’s Barbecue In Mason,Texas
1 response - Posted 05.04.12
An icon in the world of Texas smoked meat, Cooper's Barbecue out in Mason is the mothership of all the Cooper's  that are now scattered around Texas. Consistency is the bane of all barbecue houses and Cooper's suffers in this department. While the sausage is inevitably delicious, you're rolling the dice ...continue
May Is National Barbecue Month: Texans Unite And Celebrate! John Mueller Barbecue In South Austin
1 response - Posted 05.03.12
Are any words left unsaid about the re-emergence of Taylor, Texas barbecue legend John Mueller? Yes, plenty. A 50,000 word bio of the foul mouthed pit boss could easily be penned and, I predict, do huge business in the world of Texas barbecue letters. Here's a photo of the perfect accompaniment ...continue
May Is National Barbecue Month: Texans Unite And Celebrate! Willie’s Barbecue In East Austin, Texas
1 response - Posted 05.02.12
I've had a long love affair with Willie's Barbecue located way out MLK in far east Austin, Texas. I first started going there back in the 90s when word on the street had it that Willie was offering boudin with his brisket. I'm an ardent lover of boudin and regularly ...continue
May Is National Barbecue Month: Texans Unite And Celebrate! Railroad Barbecue In Manchaca, Texas
1 response - Posted 05.01.12
Railroad Barbecue is rarely brought up when the conversation turns to the best smoked meat in the Austin, Texas area, but I feel it should at least be in the discussion. Established in 1982, the old wood-floored, barbecue cabin feels like it could be a 1000 miles from nowhere. It's 15 ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: The Original Franklin Barbecue In French Place [Austin,Texas]
1 response - Posted 04.29.12
Many, many fond memories of the old Franklin Barbecue food trailer in French Place. This is the location of the original smokehouse that started what was to become a national phenomena. I used to love to stroll up here in the morning to pick up a pound of brisket to ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller Barbecue In Austin, Texas Puts Out A Beef Chuck Rib That Will Melt Your Mind
1 response - Posted 04.27.12
I'm always working on my food photography. I can take a mean picture of a pitboss or an old concrete block building but when it comes to edibles; I've got a long way to go. But, just like a blind squirrel, I can occasionally find an acorn nut to chew on ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Broken Arrow Ranch Antelope At Swift’s Attic In Austin, Texas
1 response - Posted 04.18.12
Blown away. We ran down to Swift's Attic during their soft opening week thinking we should get in before the crowds figured out that chefs Clouser and Northcutt have some pretty diabolical plans for the Austin restaurant hierarchy. As in; they're planning on being kings of the mountain around these parts. Pictured ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: John Mueller Barbecue
1 response - Posted 04.08.12
I wrote several articles last year during the run up to John Mueller re-entering the world of Texas barbecue. It was the biggest news story of the year in the world of Austin, Texas smoked meat. By the time Mueller got his food trailer up and running down in the Bouldin ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Stiles Switch Barbecue In Austin,Texas
2 responses - Posted 04.07.12
Has the hierarchy of the Austin, Texas barbecue scene been threatened by Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch Barbecue? It depends on who you ask. Prior to Kirkpatrick's arrival Austin's top 2 were firmly occupied by John Mueller Barbecue and Franklin Barbecue. Or is it the other way around? The Mueller camp is unswayed ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Miller’s Smokehouse In Belton, Texas
2 responses - Posted 04.06.12
I've been reading about Miller's Smokehouse up in Belton, Texas for the past few weeks from the scribes at Full Custom Gospel BBQ and Texas Barbecue Posse. The men behind those barbecue websites were amped up about Austin, Texas quality barbecue being available in Bell County, an hour or so north ...continue
Texas Barbecue Photos: Pit Stop Barbecue In Temple Texas
1 response - Posted 04.05.12
We made a barbecue run up to Temple and Belton Texas this past weekend to sample the output at Pit Stop Barbecue and Miller's Smokehouse respectively. These are two recent discoveries that are prime examples of why it pays to be a barbecue hound in Central Texas. We'll be posting a ...continue
Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Miles Of International Barbecue
1 response - Posted 02.26.12
Good to be home. While I have deep love for Texas [and Alabama and Kentucky] barbecue every now and again I have to recalibrate by hitting the open road, overseas, to see how the pit bosses on the other side of the world are cooking meat with fire. Over the course ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: John Mueller Barbecue Is Branded In Austin Texas
3 responses - Posted 02.08.12
I get a lot of interesting emails on this site. Readers who want to tell me about the restaurant they work in or a taqueria where they had a superb tortilla or perhaps a dive bar where the beer was surpassingly cheap and cold. There is also the occasional spy photo. Like ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Perez Barbecue In Bartlett, Texas
no responses - Posted 02.05.12
Unbelievably good sausage is coming out the tiny smokehouse; Perez Barbecue up in Bartlett, Texas. It's a different style than what I'm accustomed to with sage being the predominant [and delicious] flavor. In business for a quarter century, the roadside stand is certainly humble but the quality of the smoked ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Ray’s Barbecue In Montopolis Neighborhood Of Austin
no responses - Posted 01.31.12
One of my very favorite barbecue houses in Austin. Montopolis is one of our town's oldest neighborhoods [it was its own city before Austin even existed] and you can feel the history in the air as you make your way through the dusty back streets. Ray's Barbecue hit the big time ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: JC’s Backyard Barbecue In Granger, Texas
no responses - Posted 01.27.12
I did what I always do when I'm in a small town in Texas and on the hunt for barbecue. I post up in a parking lot of a quick mart and make idle conversation with strangers filling up their gas tanks or brushing out their floor mats. After a little ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Backyard Barbecue
no responses - Posted 01.24.12
Sometimes to get it just right, you got to do it yourself. Behold 4 racks of baby back pork ribs sizzling away on the big pit. We were bidding a fond farewell to a couple friends who are removing themselves from the great state for the next 2 years and figured ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: West End Cafe And Barbecue In Taylor Texas
no responses - Posted 01.23.12
Never can catch these guys open. I decided to knock out 3 chapters of the Texas Barbecue Book this weekend by running up through Taylor to hit West End Cafe and Barbecue then on to Thorndale to visit Thorndale Meat Market then Bartlett to hit Perez Barbecue. There were cars in ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Mesquite’s Barbecue In Lubbock Texas
no responses - Posted 01.20.12
Walking down a dark alley with a thick haze of smoke in the air from the barbecue pit, things look pretty promising at Mesquite's Barbecue located hard up against the campus of Texas Tech University. The inside of the old restaurant is good and rough with a pile of bar ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: J&M Barbecue In Lubbock Texas
no responses - Posted 01.14.12
Impressive pit. Impressive look and feel to J&M Barbecue but the part where the rubber meets the road, the meat, not impressed at all. The brisket arrives and it's sliced into several good looking hunks but there is little flavor. It's plastic spoon tender but has no seasoning and little smoke. ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Tom And Bingo’s Barbecue In Lubbock Texas [est.1952]
no responses - Posted 01.12.12
This is where the conversation begins on Lubbock barbecue. Tom and Bingo's is the most well known of all the area smokehouses and with good reason. The hickory smoked meats show the hand of a skilled pit boss with decades in the game. Sandwiches are king at Tom and Bingo's as ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Bigham’s Smokehouse In Lubbock Texas [est. 1978]
no responses - Posted 01.11.12
I had a lot of eating to do in a short period of time in Lubbock, Texas recently. Bigham's Smokehouse is one of the local barbecue joints that gets a lot of mention when you're in research mode so it was the first of my stops. Unimpressed. The brisket was somewhat ...continue
How To Smoke A Two Pound Pork Chop On Your Backyard Smoker
no responses - Posted 01.09.12
I've been getting into smoking smaller hunks of meat lately. For years I had no interest in a piece of flesh unless it was in the 15-25 pound range but of late, I've been scaling it back. To wit: A positively diminutive little pork chop was wrestled off the backyard pit ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: 24 Oz Ribeye Smoked With Hickory
3 responses - Posted 01.07.12
Easy backyard ribyeye steak. Call Longhorn Meats, order 24 oz ribeye, build big fire in smoker, drive to Longhorn, pick up beef, bring home, crust with salt and pepper, char thoroughly on one side, flip, place on opposite side of fire, open vent directly over steak, let smoke for 45 ...continue
Dirty Birds Barbecue In Austin Texas: Food Trailer On The East Side
2 responses - Posted 01.03.12
Surprise! Another food trailer not keeping their hours. I loaded up the crew in the old Econoline and headed over to Dirty Birds Barbecue, which is located in a little food trailer courtyard on East Cesar Chavez, today at lunch. I'd read a couple good reports on this trailer's smoked meat ...continue
The Redemption Of John Mueller
no responses - Posted 01.01.12
Surveying the landscape of Austin Texas’ exploding food scene is something I do each and everyday. But it is nice, once every few months, to take the measure of our town, one of the great cities of the world, in longform. Looking back over this past year the biggest story that ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Beef Chuck Ribs On The Smoker. An Attempt To Duplicate The Barbecue Of John Mueller
4 responses - Posted 12.27.11
They used to be common. I remember when beef chuck ribs were on barbecue menus all over central Texas but nowadays they're getting hard to find. Yes, Louie Mueller Barbecue up in Taylor still has them, as does Black's Barbecue down in Lockhart, but the days where damn near every joint ...continue
Taking The Measure Of Former Louie Mueller Pit Boss Lance Kirkpatrick At Stiles Switch Barbecue In Austin, Texas
1 response - Posted 12.24.11
When you spend nigh on to  a decade under the tutelage of Bobby Mueller [RIP] of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas, your bona fides are not only in order, you’re immediately held to standards higher than any smoked meat house in Austin Texas. Save one. John Mueller Barbecue down in South ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Peter’s Barbecue In Ellinger Texas
no responses - Posted 12.24.11
Peter's Barbecue in Ellinger, Texas is a good, sleeper pick down in Fayette County. It's a stone's throw from Hruska's,  the legendary Kolache shop and is just down the road a spell from Gil Vrazel's Barbecue Shack where Mary Vrazel vends handmade hot links and brisket on the weekends. Alan Peters, ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Prause Meat Market In LaGrange
1 response - Posted 12.22.11
Down in LaGrange Texas sits one of the finest barbecue houses in the great state of Texas. Established in the 1890s this is where we go to get bone in beef brisket, pluperfect Texas hot guts sausages and custom cut steaks, butchered while you wait. Pit boss Monroe Schubert has been ...continue
Texas Daily Photo: Baldera’s Barbecue In Waelder Texas
1 response - Posted 12.18.11
One of my favorite pit rooms in the state of Texas is at Baldera's down in Waelder, Texas. I've waxed philosophic about this room for years dating all the way back to  the ownership of Dan Eureste [RIP] which began over 40 years ago. Baldera's is still following in the Texas ...continue
Consider The Pork Chop: A 3 Star Michelin Chef Dines At John Mueller Barbecue
no responses - Posted 12.13.11
In the high dollar, haute cuisine world of the Napa Valley out in California, black pepper is referred to as the "forbidden spice". It's considered too aggressive by most estimates to be reckoned into an evening's meal for two diners that's going to run upwards of a thousand dollars. So it ...continue
On Giant Afros, Smoked Brisket And Pot Belly Stoves: Alexander’s Barbecue In Cedar Creek Texas
5 responses - Posted 11.07.11
Sometimes you stroke one out of the park. After a long meander out through the East Travis County countryside, I find myself in Bastrop County, and faced with the choice of rolling through downtown Bastrop or hitting Hwy 21 and god knows what. I take the latter option, and head west towards ...continue
From Across The Street: RL Reeves Jr. Looks At The Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival 2011 + People’s Choice Awards
3 responses - Posted 10.30.11
It’s rare but there are times when we envy the life of the landed gentry of our community. Today is one of those times. Back a few months ago when Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival 2011 tickets went on sale we were lacking the discretionary funds to throw down on an entry ...continue
“We’re Setting The World On Fire One Spark At A Time” John Mueller Barbecue Is Open For Business In Austin, Texas
no responses - Posted 10.27.11
Maybe John Mueller should be the writer. I love his quote above and after today's meat lunch at his crowded trailer yard in South Austin I'm inclined to agree. Like most of my favorite cooks, Mueller is a control freak. If the food comes out of his kitchen he's cooked it. ...continue
Barbecue Shootout in Bosque County: Two Hundred of Texas’ Top Pit Bosses Vie For $20,000.
no responses - Posted 10.27.11
Like Diane Arbus one of my favorite things to do is go a place I’ve never been. With this in mind I set out for the National Championship Barbecue  Cook off in Meridian, Texas on this glorious Autumn weekend. This competition represents the cream of the crop of Texas pit bosses. ...continue
2011 Hill Country Barbecue Shoot Out In Leander Texas: Final Showdown Before Nationals
no responses - Posted 10.23.11
The far reaches of northern Travis county have been scorched by the unrelenting Texas sun. It’s easy to tell where underground streams flow because that’s the only real estate occupied by living trees. Everything else has been blasted by the hottest summer in the history of the United States. When we discover ...continue
Central Texas Hot Guts Project Part Two: Family Tradition Barbecue Waelder, Texas
no responses - Posted 10.21.11
Back in the 1960’s Texas labor laws were a mite lax. For instance, an 8 year old boy might find himself working in a hot guts factory in Waelder, Texas. Such is the tale of Jerry Fogle, itinerant pit boss and one of the masters of the Central Texas sausage idiom. ...continue
Shotgun Shells, Hot Guts And Smoked Brisket: Taylor Texas SPJST Barbecue Cook Off
no responses - Posted 10.03.11
Riding towards the eastern edge of Williamson County,  the fertile blackland prairie is  pretty in a high lonesome way. The horizon’s a hundred miles away and the giant blue sky holds sway over freshly picked cotton fields. The role of king cotton in Central Texas has been diminished but vast ...continue
No Goats, No Glory! 38th Annual World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off In Brady Texas
no responses - Posted 09.10.11
When Kyle Cook was a little kid growing up in Goldthwaite, Texas, his daddy was always building fires and loading meat on the smoker.  Little did he know that years later the two would form a cooking team and travel together on the highly competitive Texas barbecue circuit. I’m walking through ...continue
Central Texas Hot Guts Project Part One: Southside Market In Elgin Texas
4 responses - Posted 08.26.11
This series has been a long time coming. I’ve been fascinated by hot guts [sausage] since first venturing to Texas in the early 90’s. I’ve made dozens of barbecue runs out into the country since then  driving out from Austin with brisket and hot guts on my mind. Unfortunately, the tradition ...continue
Politics And Smoked Brisket: Wilhite’s Barbecue In Creedmoor Texas
1 response - Posted 06.13.11
The mayor of Creedmoor Texas (pop. 300) is putting out some very good barbecue at the little joint his daddy started way back in 1962. I call to inquire as to operating hours “10:30 am to 4 pm, get on down here now y’heah” Robert Wilhite is holding court when I stroll ...continue
Down By The River: One Meal At Live Oak Barbecue And Beer In Austin Texas
3 responses - Posted 05.23.11
Initial thoughts on Live Oak Barbecue and Beer. A lot of time energy and effort has went into this restaurant and while it’s too early to issue any ringing proclamations a few first impressions can be wrought. 1: Authentic Central Texas barbecue always offers pickles and onions with the meat. At Live ...continue
Taylor Texas: Davis Grocery And Bar-B-Q Honors The Lord Through Brisket
2 responses - Posted 05.18.11
When God himself tells you to open a barbecue restaurant there’s only one thing left to do. You open a barbecue restaurant. Which is exactly what the good Reverend James Davis Jr did in 1994 after he had a vision compelling him to do the Lord’s work through the power of smoked ...continue
R&G Bar-B-Que McMahan Texas [pop. 125]: Oak Smoked Brisket, Dominoes and Ice Cold Beer
no responses - Posted 03.29.11
Is there a better way to spend a Spring afternoon in Texas than having a chat and chew with a pit boss with over 50 years in the Texas barbecue game? Not for this ol country hoss. R&G Bar-B-Que owner Roy Jeffrey is a country classic. I suspect he was old school ...continue
Over and Under The Radar Barbecue in Austin Texas SXSW Edition: Franklin, Bert’s, Willie’s, Ray’s, Ruby’s and Sam’s
11 responses - Posted 03.10.11
The skies opened up last year in Austin Texas, the sun beamed down and the city welcomed barbecue that at last, finally, was as good as the heavenly smoked meat palaces of Taylor, Lockhart and Luling Texas. Salvation came in a little blue trailer in a defunct Texaco parking lot on ...continue
Only The Best: Top Eleven Central Texas Barbecue Restaurants For SXSW Visitors: Mueller’s, Taylor Cafe, Black’s, Chisholm Trail, Kreuz, Smitty’s, Waelder Grocery, City Market, Cooper’s and Laird’s
6 responses - Posted 03.07.11
Austin Texas is famed across the globe for having the best barbecue in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, this fame has been achieved by our lassoing the smoked meat glory of nearby local communities like Taylor, Lockhart, Waelder, Luling and Llano. In these cities dwell the true giants of Texas barbecue: Taylor ...continue
Brady Texas 37th Annual International Goat Cook Off: The Goat Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends
5 responses - Posted 09.06.10
I have a strong goat history. As a child I had a pet goat named, of course, Billy. Billy hanged himself. He was a young, athletic billy goat, and kept getting in trouble so we tethered him. He catapulted himself over a nearby fence and came halfway down the other side where he ...continue
Black’s Barbecue Supremacy Now Undisputed
4 responses - Posted 02.04.10
There has been a lot of legitimate debate over the years regarding the hierarchy of Lockhart barbecue. When I first started my treks out to Caldwell  county to eat smoked meat back in the early nineties, I was of the opinion that Kreuz Market was the finest (Smitty's did not yet ...continue

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