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Feb 03

2014 International Craft Brews and Food Fair: Convention Centre Dublin

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Pearse Lyons is a man on a mission.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry, and a Master of Science degree in brewing technology from National University of Ireland in Dublin. Lyons went on to earn his Ph.D. in the biochemistry of yeast from the University of Birmingham in England.

This led to the first stage of his career where he worked in the beer and liquor industries in Ireland and Britain.

After moving to USA, the native to Ireland founded Alltech, an animal health and nutrition company based in Lexington, Kentucky in 1980.

Alltech now has 3,000 employees in 128 countries, including more than 500 in Kentucky.

In 1999, Lyons purchased the former Lexington Brewing Company in the Bluegrass State and kickstarted the craft beer movement in Kentucky. Anyone who’s sampled a Bourbon Barrel Ale from Alltech knows that this man’s bona fides are fully in order.

Now he’s back in Ireland and organizing the second annual International Craft Brews and Food Fair at the Convention Centre in Dublin. What do the Irish know about beer? Sure stodgy old brands like Harp and Guinness are still around for the old timers but last year 13 new microbreweries opened on the Emerald Isle.

That pales in comparison to USA but bear in mind Ireland is roughly half the size of Alabama.

Planning on going to the International Craft Brews and Food Fair at the Convention Centre in Dublin? Industry professionals may attend beginning Thursday February 6th with the doors being opened to the general public on Friday February 7th at 5pm

The convention centre will also be host to the Dublin Craft Beer Cup , a competition pitting the UK’s best craft beers against their counterparts from the rest of the world.

Last year’s winner was Hilden Brewing Company of Lisburn, makers of Twisted Hop.

Convention Centre in Dublin
Spencer Dock
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1


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